Greetings, my name is


I am software developer living in Guelph, ON.

What I Do

Embedded Software Development

Over 3 years of experience developing robust software for embedded systems. My areas of focus are Linux device drivers, microprocessor software and functional tests. The programming lanugauges i most often use are C and Python.

Web Development

Web technologies have always been very exciting to me and I am working towards building up my knowledge in full stack web development. My current skillset includes HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery.

Recent Projects

Screencap of Simon Game

Simon Game

A rendition of the classic 1980's game, Simon.

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Screencap of Calculator app

Javascript Calculator

A simple calculator for performing basic arithmetic operations.

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Screencap of Weather App

Weather App

An application that displays the current weather and forecast

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Screencap of Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Timer

A timer based on the Pomodoro technique.

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Screencap of Random Quote Machine

Random Quote Machine

A random quote machine that generates inspirational quotes.

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Screencap of tribute page

Tribute to Ibn Battuta

A simple static webpage that i built to practice using flexbox.

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